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Lunch recipes

These quick, easy and varied recipes are the perfect way to make every lunch something to look forward to

Whether it's hearty soups, "cheat" pizzas, delicious fresh wraps and rolls, or veggie sarnies with a sunny side, a healthier lunch doesn't need to be difficult.

In fact, most of these light lunch ideas need just a few steps and can be pulled together in 20 minutes or less! And for those that take a little longer, you can usually do some of the prep ahead of time.

Cook once, eat twice!

Why not roast up a tray of tasty veg on a Sunday to give you a quick, healthier sandwich filling for the next couple of days?

Or whip up a big batch of soup, cool it and freeze in individual portions ready to defrost for a super-speedy meal.

Wholemeal wraps, pitta and even just a straightforward sandwich are often a great way to use up leftovers from dinner the night before.

Chilli goes brilliantly in a wrap the next day, for example, while salad is a great sandwich filler – try adding some soft cheese, hummus or leftover meat. And any cooked veg makes the perfect filling for a tasty pitta pocket or wrap.

And if it's school lunchbox ideas for the kids you need, check out our dedicated page for healthier lunchboxes, with loads of recipes, tips and inspiration to build your own combos.

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