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Indoor activities for kids

We have loads of free indoor games and activities for children so they can still get the 60 minutes of daily physical activity they need – even when they cannot get outside!

Ideas for activities at home

Here are just a few ideas for ways to stay active at home and have fun doing it.

Just dance!

The brilliant thing about dancing is you don't need any special kit or even much space. There are loads of ways you can shake it to a beat:

  • find a live performance or music video of your favourite song and try to copy the dance routine – if it doesn't have a routine, create your own!
  • have a competition to see who can come up with the best new dance moves – can you make up a signature move for yourself?
  • if you have the space and enough people, a game of musical chairs is always a winner

Or get moving with your favourite Disney characters with one of our dancing Shake Up games:

Hide and seek

Try a different, Disney-inspired version of hide and seek to up the activity levels and get your blood pumping. Who knows what could be hiding around the house? Hop to it:

Indoor sports

From cardboard-tube 10-pin bowling to bin-hoop basketball and frying-pan cricket, there are plenty of creative ways to play indoor versions of your favourite sports.

Grab a small foam ball and practise your own World Cup final penalty shoot-out using the sofa as a goal.

Or set up an indoor putting range using a small bouncy ball (or scrunched-up newspaper), a mug on its side for the hole and a broom handle as a golf club.

With a little imagination you can make up a weatherproof version of just about anything! Try these 10 Minute Shake Up games to help get those creative juices flowing:

Create a competition

With a variety of sports and games, you could even create your own competition.

Think of a few different types of games to play and give out points based on how well everyone does. The winner gets to pick the next set of games – and it's star jumps for everyone else!

How about making today the first meeting of the Rainy Day Indoor Games? Or you could give our Toy Story Triathlon a go.

Toy Story Triathlon

Stretch and flex!

Did you know that strengthening exercises are just as important as something that gets your heart beating faster? It helps with stronger bones and muscles, as well as flexibility, balance and coordination.

So if it's something a little calmer you're after, these Disney and Pixar games have that covered too:

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More indoor games

Here are more than 50 fun and free indoor-friendly games inspired by your favourite Disney, Pixar and Marvel characters – perfect for banishing the bad-weather blues and staying active.

Dancing games

Get ready to throw some super shapes and move to the jungle beat. Your top tunes and some simple props are all you need!

Ball games

Grab yourself a soft ball, some scrunched-up newspaper or a balloon and let's get going!

Race, chase and obstacle course games

With some pens, paper and a few toys, you can put your speed, accuracy and agility to the test.

Games to level up your skills

Balance, strength, stamina, ducking, diving, dodging and leaping – these games have it all.

How much exercise do kids need?

It's recommended kids are physically active for at least 60 minutes a day, with 30 minutes of this outside of school.

That includes 3 sessions a week of exercise that strengthens their bones and muscles, so variety is key!

Accessible activities

It is equally important that children with disabilities are active, for their health and development – and more importantly – to have fun. See more ideas for disabled children and young people.