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Olaf's Snowball Dodge

Olaf is guarding Kristoff's sled but the Snowgies want to play. Do not let their snowballs hit you!

Players: 3 or more
Where to play? Indoors or outdoors

How to play

  1. Mark out the sleigh using a skipping rope, string, socks or whatever you have to hand!

  2. Choose 1 person to start as Olaf, and 1 to be Sven. Olaf stands in the sleigh.

  3. Everyone else is a Snowgie who take turns to throw snowballs – made of scrunched up paper – at Olaf and Sven.

  4. Olaf has to dodge or catch the snowballs, but he cannot step out of the sleigh. Sven must try to hit them away from Olaf.

  5. If Olaf is hit, then he has to swap places with the Snowgie who hit him.