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Ready, Set, Bo!

Get ready to stretch, bend, twist and reach – you need all your balancing skills to keep up with Bo!

Players: 3 or more
Where to play? Indoor or outdoors

How to play

  1. You will need to play this game on a carpet, grass or any other ground that is not slippery. Get 12 sheets of paper and write or colour in "red" on 3, "yellow" on 3, "blue" on 3 and "green" on 3. Then mix them all up and lay them out on the ground.

  2. Choose 1 person to be the caller. They stand facing away from the players and call out a single colour at a time.

  3. Each player must stretch or bend to place a hand or foot on the chosen colour each time they're called out, and keep it in place as the next one is called.

  4. Keep going until someone falls over. Whoever falls first becomes the next caller.