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Kristoff's Ice Harvest

Kristoff needs to collect blocks of ice. Can you work as a team to gather all the ice before night-time?

Players: 2 or more
Where to play? Indoors

How to play

  1. Gather a pile of things together on the floor as your "ice blocks". You can use anything, like toys, blocks, balls or paper. Get as many as you can!

  2. Pick 1 person to be Kristoff. Everyone stands in a line, with the person playing as Kristoff standing the furthest from the blocks of ice. Then shout "Go!"

  3. The player nearest the ice must squat down to pick up a piece, then jump up and pass it to the next person in the line. The next person must do a star jump before passing the ice on.

  4. When you have run out of ice blocks, Kristoff must put them all on the ground to complete the ice harvest.

  5. The game ends when all the ice blocks have been collected. Pick a new person to be Kristoff and start again! Don't forget to recycle any paper ice blocks.