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Jungle Jig with Nala and Simba

Nala and Simba are reunited in the jungle. Can you move to your own jungle beat?

Players: 1 or more
Where to play? Indoors or outdoors

How to play

  1. Start playing some music or put the radio on.

  2. Take 2 sideways steps right and tap the toes of your left foot on the ground in time with the music. Then do the same to the left.

  3. Now add some arm moves! As you step each way, wave your arms side to side above your head!

  4. Finally, after your 2 steps in each direction, do a special dance move. Try a star jump, dabbing, flossing or swivelling your hips like you have a hula hoop. It can be anything – make the most of your agility!

  5. See if you can keep dancing for 10 minutes.