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Helping Heihei

After stowing away on Moana's boat, Heihei unintentionally keeps walking overboard. Can you help guide him to safety?

Players: 2
Where to play? Indoors or outdoors

How to play

  1. Clear an area for the ocean, then lay out an obstacle course of cushions, toys and balls.

  2. Choose 1 person to pretend to be Heihei and then blindfold them with a tea towel.

  3. The other player must help the blindfolded Heihei by shouting out instructions to avoid cushions and crawl around or over soft toys or bouncy balls.

  4. Keep count of how many times you touch an obstacle. At the end, you will have to do the same number of star jumps!

  5. Now swap roles so the caller becomes Heihei.

  6. Keep playing, swapping roles after every go, for 10 minutes!