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Red's Fire Truck Frenzy

When there's a crash on the track, Red the fire truck is there in a flash to help. Can you battle the flames and stop the fire spreading?

Players: 2 or more
Where to play? Indoors or outdoors

How to play

  1. Get 10 sheets of paper, write or draw the word "Fire" on one side and "Water" on the other.

  2. Choose 1 person to pretend to be Red the fire truck and the other to be the fire.

  3. The person who is fire now throws all the sheets of paper into the air – when the last one lands on the ground, go! Fire must turn as many sheets over to read "Fire", while Red turns them over to read "Water".

  4. After 1 minute, whoever has the most number of their sides up is the winner!

  5. Swap players and try again for 10 minutes, or make it harder by adding 5 more sheets of paper.