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Captain America's Shield Skills

You don't need luck with your aim when you practise like Captain America! Show off your skills by knocking over as many targets as you can.

Players: 1 or more
Where to play? Indoors or outdoors

How to play

  1. Grab some items to be your targets (like toilet roll tubes, empty cartons or anything similar you can knock over without breaking!) and some tennis balls, or scrunch up old newspaper to make 2 balls – these are your vibranium shields!

  2. Split into 2 teams and set the targets up about 5 steps away from you. Then take it in turns to throw or roll the shield at them, knocking down as many as you can

  3. After your turn, run after the shield and throw it back to the next player.

  4. The team that knocks over all their targets first wins! Next time round, try to see who can knock over all the targets with the fewest throws, or who can knock over the most in one go.