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Problems getting an NHS COVID Pass

If you do not get your NHS COVID Pass or your record cannot be found

If you do not get an NHS COVID Pass it may be because your vaccination details are not on the system or are incorrect.

You can try:

If you've tried these things and you still do not get an NHS COVID Pass, call:

  • 119 to ask questions about the NHS COVID Pass in the NHS App or online, or get an NHS COVID Pass letter
  • +44 151 905 0119 if you're overseas (you'll be charged according to your carrier's rates)
  • 0808 162 4119 if you're in the Isle of Man free from any landline or mobile phone (dial the full 11-digit number)

Vaccine Data Resolution Service for correcting incorrect or missing records

If you think your vaccination record is missing or wrong, call the Vaccine Data Resolution Service on 0300 561 0017.

The call agent will ask you some questions to confirm your identity and understand the problem with your vaccination record.

To use the Vaccine Data Resolution Service you need to both:

  • be registered with a GP surgery in England
  • have been vaccinated in England

The Vaccine Data Resolution Service cannot help if you had your vaccination abroad or your personal details are incorrect.

Page last reviewed: 21 March 2023
Next review due: 23 March 2026