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Profile editor login

The new NHS Profile Manager has been launched, to combine the NHS website profile editor, the Directory of Services (DoS) Profile Updater and the comment response tool.

High street pharmacies

If you have registered for the NHS Profile Manager, you can use it now to edit your:

  • contact details
  • opening times
  • services

If you have not registered for the NHS Profile Manager, register now to transfer your pharmacy profiles from the NHS website profile editor.

Distance selling pharmacies

You do not need to use the NHS Profile Manager, as your NHS website profiles cannot be edited.

Dentists, GPs, opticians, NHS trusts, independent sector providers and social care providers

Continue to edit your profiles in the NHS website profile editor for now.

You will be informed when you can register to use the NHS Profile Manager.

Page last reviewed: 18 January 2022
Next review due: 18 January 2025