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Get help with the NHS COVID Pass letter or email service

Find out what to do if you have not been able to get an NHS COVID Pass letter by post or email, including audio, big print and Braille formats.

If you've been told to report a reason code

If you've applied for an NHS COVID Pass letter or requested one to be emailed, but the service cannot send one, you should get an SMS or email telling you this.

You may also be given a reason code.

Call 119 (NHS COVID Pass service) and quote the code you have been given.

If you're in the Isle of Man call 0808 162 4119 free from any Isle of Man landline or mobile phone. Dial the full 11-digit number.

Reason codes and what they mean
  • 3006: we cannot find your record
  • 3012: your record does not show the required number of doses, timing of doses or a vaccine recognised in the UK

If you have not received your NHS COVID Pass or your record cannot be found

If your vaccination details are not on the system, you will not receive an NHS COVID Pass.

You can try:

  • entering your details again
  • telling the NHS about COVID-19 vaccinations you've had abroad
  • checking the details your GP surgery has for you are up to date or registering with a GP surgery if you do not have one (if you need to update your details you can try applying for an NHS COVID Pass again after you’ve updated them)
  • waiting until 5 days after your 2nd dose (or 1st dose of Janssen)
  • applying to have vaccinations you've had abroad added to your NHS vaccination record

If you've tried these things and you still cannot get an NHS COVID Pass, call:

  • 119 for referral to the Vaccine Data Resolution Service
  • +44 151 905 0119 if you're overseas (you'll be charged according to your carrier's rates)
  • 0808 162 4119 if you're in the Isle of Man free from any landline or mobile phone (dial the full 11-digit number)

Page last reviewed: 24 October 2022
Next review due: 24 April 2023