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About cancer

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Who's who in the treatment team

The teenage and young adult multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is made up of professionals who are expert in diagnosing, treating and caring for young people with cancer. These teams are based at teenage and young adult cancer units.

They discuss every new case, so that the team who are leading the treatment get their input and advice. The two teams then work together to coordinate the patient's care and support, wherever a young person is having their cancer treatment.

Read more about cancer types and terms in the Cancer Research UK glossary

  • picture of a clinical nurse specialist

    Clinical nurse specialist:

    A nurse who specialises in caring for patients with cancer. They can act as a link between your family and the rest of the multi-disciplinary team. They are trained in looking after people with cancer. Often, they can help you while you are in hospital as well as at home and can arrange help, support, information and advice for you or your family.

  • picture of a consultant


    A doctor or surgeon who takes responsibility for your diagnosis and treatment. The consultant will specialise in your type of cancer and will look after you throughout your treatment.

  • picture of a dietician


    A qualified expert who provides nutritional advice, tailored to your cancer or treatment.

  • picture of a haematologist


    A doctor who specialises in treating blood diseases, such as leukaemia and sometimes lymphoma.

  • picture of a learning mentor

    Learning mentor:

    Helps to support patients with their education throughout the treatment. This may include college/university/ work placements or any other study. They will provide a link between the areas.