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About cancer

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Who's who in the treatment team

The teenage and young adult multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is made up of professionals who are expert in diagnosing, treating and caring for young people with cancer. These teams are based at teenage and young adult cancer units.

They discuss every new case, so that the team who are leading the treatment get their input and advice. The two teams then work together to coordinate the patient's care and support, wherever a young person is having their cancer treatment.

Read more about cancer types and terms in the Cancer Research UK glossary

  • picture of a radiotherapist


    May also be known as a clinical oncologist. This is a doctor who will either be your main doctor, or the one who works alongside your consultant. They are expert in radiotherapy, which is a form of treatment. Radiotherapy (also known as radiotherapy treatment or radium treatment) is a cancer treatment using high energy waves similar to x-rays.

  • picture of a social worker

    Social worker:

    Offers social, emotional and practical support to help you and your family immediately after diagnosis and for as long as needed.

  • picture of a ward nurse

    Ward nurse:

    Care for you both physically and emotionally while you are in hospital. Some nurses on a young person's ward may have had additional training in looking after young people with cancer. They will provide your day-to-day care while you are in on the ward.

  • picture of a youth support worker

    Youth support worker:

    Are trained specifically to work with young people in hospital. They will help you by arranging activities on the ward, which can provide a distraction for you while you are in hospital. They will also arrange social events off the ward for young people to get together outside of the hospital setting.