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Choosing a cancer unit

Depending on your age and type of cancer, you may be able to receive your cancer care and treatment either in an adult cancer unit or one for teenagers and young adults. This means you can choose whether you'd like to be with older people or with people about your own age. This website aims to help you decide.

Some young people may not have a choice about where they are treated, because of their cancer type. Rare cancers such as bone tumours, testicular cancers and brain tumours are better treated in specialist units, which are only found in a few main centres around the country. It's important that you talk to your treatment team to find out about this first.

Even if you don't have a choice, the information on this website may still be helpful.

Remember that:

  • where you decide to be treated is entirely up to you;
  • there's no such thing as the wrong choice;
  • you may have opportunities during your treatment to change hospitals if you wish;
  • you'll still receive expert cancer treatment and care, wherever you are treated.

What else do I need to consider?

We've collected as much information as we can in order to help with your decision. So looking at the following will also help:

  • Your choices checklist: an interactive tool designed to help you think about what matters most when making your decision.
  • Real stories: videos made by teenagers and young adults with cancer, telling their stories and experiences.
  • Find a cancer hospital: search by postcode, location, hospital or cancer type to find a cancer care unit.
  • About cancer: links to more information about different cancer types, and more about the people who might treat you.

Real stories

Watch videos of teenagers and young adults with cancer sharing their stories and experiences.