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Can I choose to see a male or female GP?

You can ask to see a male or female GP, as long as your surgery has both male and female GPs available.

GPs at your surgery

Most GP surgeries and health centres have male and female GPs. However, a small number of doctors work on their own. You can find out more on our GP services explained page.

If your GP surgery does have both male and female GPs, they will try their best to meet your request. However, this may not always be possible, or you may have to wait longer to see a specific GP.

Information about your GP surgery

Surgeries must provide the following information about the GPs who work there:

  • their names
  • their General Medical Council (GMC) registration number
  • their qualifications

Other information may also be provided about the healthcare professionals who work at the surgery, such as:

  • the names of non-medical staff
  • the gender of each healthcare professional
  • whether any healthcare professionals speak an additional language (other than English)
  • when the healthcare professionals are available and their areas of interest or expertise

This information may be displayed in the surgery or provided in the practice leaflet available from the reception desk.

Search for health services near you to find information about the GPs at your local surgery.

Registering with a GP surgery

If you're registering with a new surgery, you can ask to see the list of its GPs, so you can decide who to see.

Before you register, you can ask if they have a policy on matching patients with individual doctors. If the gender, age or cultural background of your GP matters to you, ask if the surgery can accommodate this before you register.

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Further information

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