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Registering with a GP surgery outside the area you live

You do not need to register with a GP surgery in the area you live.

You can register with a surgery that's more convenient, for example closer to your work or your children's school.

The GP surgery can refuse registration for reasons such as they are not taking new patients or it's too far away from your home and you need home visits.

How to register with a GP surgery outside your area

Look for GP surgeries in the area where you want to register. See what they offer and how they compare. Some GP surgeries offer more services than others.

When you've chosen a GP surgery, ask if they're accepting registrations from people outside of the area and ask for a registration form.

Find out more about how to register with a GP surgery

The surgery will decide if they can accept you as a regular patient or accept you without home visits.

Because of the distance to your home, the GP surgery might not be able to offer home visits.

If you are not well enough to go to the GP surgery, other arrangements might be made.

Registering with a surgery that's far away from home can affect decisions about referrals for hospital tests and treatment, or access to community health services. Speak to the GP about your options.

Page last reviewed: 26 November 2018
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