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Getting started with the NHS App

Get the NHS App

The NHS App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Who the NHS App is for

To use the NHS App, you must be:

  • registered with a GP surgery in England
  • aged 13 and over

If you're aged 13 to 15, you'll need to contact your GP surgery first and request access to GP online services before you can use the app.

The NHS App is available for smartphones and tablets only

The NHS App is available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices only. It's not possible to download the app to your computer.

We understand that some people:

  • do not have a smartphone or tablet
  • do not feel confident using apps
  • have specific accessibility needs which means they cannot use apps

We're testing the NHS App online now with a small number of GP surgeries. It's a version of the NHS App available through a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. This means people will be able to use the app's features on a desktop computer or laptop.

We expect the NHS App online to launch in 2020.

Checking if you need urgent help but the app does not recognise your postcode

If you cannot use the service, for urgent medical advice go to or call 111. Make sure you enter your full postcode. If your address is not found or recognised, select "Use my current location".

Non-UK mobile phone numbers

Currently, you need a UK mobile phone number to use the NHS App.

Using the NHS App outside the UK

As long as you're registered with a GP surgery that is in England, you can use the app anywhere.

Page last reviewed: 31 March 2020
Next review due: 30 September 2020