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Find a pharmacy that offers NHS flu vaccination

Who can have an NHS flu vaccine from a pharmacy

You can get a free NHS flu vaccine from a pharmacy if:

  • you're aged 65 years old or over (including if you'll be 65 years old by 31 March 2024)
  • you have certain long-term health conditions
  • you're pregnant
  • you're a frontline worker in a social care setting who cannot get a vaccination from your employer

The pharmacy will tell you how and when you can book your vaccination.

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Important: Egg allergy

Some flu vaccines are made using eggs.

Ask your pharmacist for a low-egg or egg-free vaccine, if you have an egg allergy.

Children under 18 years old

Children under 18 years old cannot get a flu vaccination at a pharmacy. But they may be able to get it from their GP surgery or school.

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Health and social care workers with vouchers

If you have been given a voucher for a flu vaccine by your employer, you'll be able to use this at a pharmacy that offers this service. Check with the pharmacy if they'll accept the voucher.

If you're a social care worker who is eligible to have a flu vaccine on the NHS, you do not need to present your ID at a pharmacy. However, if your employer can provide you with a letter identifying you as a social care worker it may make things easier on the day.

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Page last reviewed: 21 November 2023
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