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Get help with the check your COVID-19 vaccine record service

Get the answers to common questions about the check your COVID-19 vaccine record service.

Common questions

Who can access the COVID-19 vaccine record service?

You can access this service in the NHS App if you are aged 16 or over.

Once logged in, go to Your health, then select Check your COVID-19 vaccine record.

Why is my COVID-19 vaccine record wrong or missing information?

Your COVID-19 vaccine record could be wrong or missing information because:

  • your last dose of the vaccine was given in the last 5 working days and your record has not yet been updated
  • you were vaccinated outside of England – this service is for people who have been vaccinated in England
  • you had your vaccination as part of a clinical trial
  • your vaccine record may not have been updated correctly
How can I correct or update my COVID-19 vaccine record?

If your vaccine record is missing information or is wrong:

  1. call 119
  2. choose the option for a problem with your vaccination record
  3. ask to speak to the Vaccination Data Resolution Service (VDRS). You should get a call back within 5 days
Can I access someone else's COVID-19 vaccine record?

You cannot use this service to view vaccine records for someone else such as your child or a person you care for.

If you need proof of vaccination for your child or someone you care for who is aged 16 or over:

  1. Call 119.
  2. Select option 1 (England).
  3. Then select option 3 (NHS COVID Pass Service).
I am having trouble accessing the service online

If you see the message "Login failed" or another error message, try logging out of the app, then back in again.

You may need to try accessing the service again later.

If you need help with the NHS App or need to contact the NHS App team, visit the NHS App help and support page.

Page last reviewed: 10 December 2021
Next review due: 10 December 2024