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Get help with the check your COVID-19 vaccine record service

Get the answers to common questions about the check your COVID-19 vaccine record service.

Common questions

Why is my data wrong or missing?

This could be for one of the following reasons:

  • you had your last dose of the vaccine within the past 5 working days and your record has not yet been updated
  • you have been vaccinated outside of England – this service is for people who have been vaccinated in England
  • you had your vaccination as part of a clinical trial
  • your vaccine record may not have been updated correctly – you can contact your GP surgery about this
Can I see the COVID-19 vaccine record for a child or person I care for?

No, unfortunately you cannot use this service for your child or the person you care for.

Can anyone access the COVID-19 vaccine record service?

You need to be 16 or over to check your COVID-19 vaccine record using this service.

Why am I receiving an error saying ‘Login failed’ when I click on check your COVID-19 vaccine record?

Please go back to the home screen and try logging in again. If this message persists, try again later.

Contact the check your COVID-19 vaccine record service team

If you have any other questions about your COVID-19 vaccine record, call 119.

Page last reviewed: 17 May 2021
Next review due: 17 May 2024