Eat well, Move more, Live longer

Getting fit with a family goal

The Pattisons of York have changed their attitude their lives with a new approach to fitness as a family – and it’s paying off in a big way.

Meet the family

  • Joanna, 28, a full-time mum
  • Craig, 36, football fan, works night shifts full-time
  • Kids Sonny, 5 – who loves swimming, and Nancy, 2 – scooter rider and running fan

Why they’re making a Change4Life

When Joanna and Craig decided to quit smoking a year ago, they never realised how much it would change their lives. After giving up they felt so good they decided to go one step further by joining Change4Life to get the whole family more active and eating well.

Neither of them had ever been very physically active, but they wanted to set a good example to their two youngsters Sonny and Nancy by changing the way they eat and enjoying outdoor activities as a family!

We realised that if we changed right away the kids wouldn’t remember us smoking. And they don’t – which is brilliant.

Put your running shoes on and get outside

After starting slowly and building up distance and strength, Joanna and Craig recently completed the Jane Tomlinson Run for All 10k and are already looking forward to completing next year’s Great North Run!

The kids are also getting involved and supporting mum and dad – Sonny rides his bike alongside his parents and Nancy will join in with warm up and cool down exercises. Joanna’s even caught Nancy doing warm ups on her own!

To get the kids into swimming, mum has enrolled them in the local swimming school, and Sonny is even thinking of taking up football shortly.

A big change 4 the better!

Joanna is really happy about how much more active the whole family is. "We always see who can run to the lamp post at the end of the street first – the kids are quite competitive about it, but there’s nothing wrong with that!" The fitness has helped the kids with confidence too – Nancy’s making new friends while tearing around adventure playgrounds.

When you make a decision to change your life with fitness and your food, you just all feel so much better!

Goodbye takeaways, hello fresh fruit and veg!

Another big decision for the family was to cut down on takeaways, which had become a bit of a habit. Instead they now buy more fruit and vegetables – which the kids love.

“When I was brought up everything was deep-fried,” says Joanna. “That was the way it was when I was younger and you end up doing what your parents did. We made the choice to eat vegetables and now the kids love them!”

All in all it makes for a happy and active family all enjoying the time they spend together!

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