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Looking after your mental health

Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. We have expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

And remember, mind and body go hand in hand – visit Better Health for lots of free tools and support to help you kickstart your physical health too.

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Get Your Mind Plan

Answer 5 quick questions to get your free plan with tips to help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, boost your mood and feel more in control.

More ideas for your wellbeing

Kickstart your health

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Loads of the things you do for your body will boost your mental wellbeing too – and Better Health has the tools, advice and support to help you.

Get support

Helping someone else

Get tips and advice on helping others struggling with their mental health.

Urgent support

If you cannot wait to see a doctor and feel unable to cope or keep yourself safe, it's important to get support – services are still open during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are not in England

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