Eat well, Move more, Live longer

Football, food and family fun

The Banks family of Portsmouth combine all the fun activities they love, like food and football, into great days out and quality time together!

Meet the family

  • Jessica, 30, a part-time community care worker and mum to four boys
  • Neil, an active and busy dad
  • Morgan, 6, and Harry, 4 - football fans with plenty of energy
  • Finley and Cobi, 2, twins who love family time

Why they’re making a Change4Life

"Combining all the things we love doing into a family activity makes it so much more fun" That’s how Jessica feels about bringing her 4 boys and husband together to have fun, get active and eat tasty, healthy food. It’s all about small changes to the way they live to make sure they’re healthier, happier and closer as a family...

Football fun at Fratton Park

Morgan and Harry are Portsmouth FC fanatics, so to get them involved with their favourite club, Jessica enrolled the family in a football training course at Fratton Park. The boys, Jessica and husband Neil (also keen to improve his footy skills!) get some practice in, stay active and spend quality time together. And once a week the whole family go swimming together for some splashy fun that helps build the all the boys’ water confidence.

Time is limited as Neil works weekdays and then Jessica works in the evenings as a community carer.

Mum and the boys make a meal of it

Jessica also wants her boys to learn that yummy food doesn’t have to be unhealthy food, so she brings them along to her ‘Cooking with Confidence’ course, organised by Portsmouth City Council. There she and the boys learn how to cook healthier dishes like casseroles, fish pies and jacket potatoes - all easily prepared. The kids get to enjoy time with Mum and eat great tasting food.

The dog takes the family for a walk

With Neil working full-time and Jessica working evenings, weekends are really important, so the family makes sure to gets out and spend time together. Walking the dog, going to the park or spending time at the beach - whatever the weather, the Bankses get outside and enjoy getting active and staying healthy!

Portsmouth is a Healthy Town

Portsmouth is one of the 9 Healthy Towns in England with a range of fun activities on offer to help local families be more active and healthy, all supporting Change4Life.

Find out more by visiting the Healthy Pompey website.

Getting fit with a family goal!

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