Eat well, Move more, Live longer

January 2016

Look out for Change4Life’s new healthy eating campaign launching in January 2016.

The new campaign will help parents to tackle the sugar lurking in their family’s food and drink. If you would like to support the campaign locally we will be making free, downloadable campaign resources available via the Public Health England Campaign Resource Centre.

Further resources, including recipes and ideas for healthy swaps, will be available online to help mums take control of the sugar in their child’s diet.

If you would like to further information about the campaign please email

National partners

Public Health England is looking for partners to help communicate a wide range of public health issues and make it easier for people to lead healthier lives.

The campaigns cover off a broad range of audiences including families with children aged 11 and under, young teens, and adults aged 40+.

We are particularly looking for national organisations that can support a Change4Life healthy eating campaign in January 2016, and to help us launch a new adult brand in 2016 that will energise and engage adults in making changes to improve their own health.

Please note that we work with partners in an in-kind capacity only - we can provide partners with public or employee-facing materials to help support their plans but we cannot directly fund partner activity.

If you believe your company to be a suitable national partner please get in touch at If you're not a national organisation, but would like to know more about this campaign and receive other campaign updates please register here.

NB: We class a national partner as a commercial brand, government department or NGO and does not include NHS, local government or small businesses which have a local or regional reach only.

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