Living with cancer

Preparing for your results

If you're waiting for your cancer test results, here's how you can prepare for your consultation.

Coping with a cancer diagnosis

Advice and information about coping with a cancer diagnosis, including emotional effects and where to find support.

Cancer and social care

If you have cancer, your priority is medical care. But you can also get help in other areas of life.

Cancer and hair loss

Losing your hair is a side effect of some cancer treatments. Here are some tips on how to manage and where to get support.

Cancer and fertility

Find out ways to help preserve your fertility before you start your cancer treatment.

Living with lung cancer

Practical advice for living with lung cancer, covering finances, feelings and controlling symptoms.

Life after cancer treatment

Get advice on adjusting to life after cancer, including how to cope with fatigue, changes to your body and difficult emotions.

'I had breast cancer and then cervical cancer'

Juanita explains the impact of cancer on her life, and how her charity work brings her happiness.

'I beat testicular cancer'

Former footballer Neil Harris talks about having testicular cancer, including his treatment and telling his family.

Cancer: end of life care

Information on coping with a terminal cancer diagnosis, including advice on counselling, practical issues and financial help.

Talking to your kids about cancer

Talking to children about your cancer may be difficult, but these tips can make it easier for you and them.

Lung cancer myths and facts

We separate the facts from the fiction about lung cancer and its link with smoking and other risk factors.

'I had prostate cancer'

Prostate cancer survivor Philip Kissi didn't notice any symptoms. He talks about his diagnosis and treatment.

'My daughter Caron's breast cancer'

TV star Caron Keating died from breast cancer in 2004. Her mother, Gloria Hunniford, explains how she coped with her death.

Services near you

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