Who uses your data Find out why your data matters

Who can use your data

The NHS collects health and care data from all NHS organisations, trusts and local authorities. Data is also collected from private organisations, such as private hospitals providing NHS funded care. Research bodies and organisations can request access to this data.

Research bodies and organisations include:

  • university researchers
  • hospital researchers
  • medical royal colleges
  • pharmaceutical companies researching new treatments

Who can't use your data

Confidential patient information is used to support the delivery of health and social care.

Access to confidential patient information will not be given for:

  • marketing purposes
  • insurance purposes

(unless you specifically request this).

How your data is used

You can access the Data Release Register to find out how your data has been used by NHS Digital, for purposes beyond your individual care.

NHS Digital Data Release Register - Page opens in new window .

More information on your data rights - Page opens in new window .