Manage your choice Find out why your data matters

Use this service to request that your confidential patient information is not used beyond your own individual care.

If you decide to opt out, this will be respected and upheld by NHS Digital at first. NHS Digital collects, processes and releases health and social care data on a national basis. Your decision will also be respected and upheld by all other organisations that use health and care information by March 2020.

If you choose to opt out, your data may still be used during some specific situations. For example, during an epidemic where there might be a risk to other people's health.

More information on where opt-outs don't apply - Page opens in new window .

Key information summary

Important things to remember are:

  • your data can be used to help research and planning
  • you don't have to do anything if you are happy for this to continue
  • your decision will not affect your own individual care in any way
  • you can change your mind any time in the future

Before you start

You must have an email address or phone number registered with an NHS service to continue online. Ask your GP Practice for help if you need to confirm your contact information is up to date.

To continue you will need:

  • to be aged 13 or over
  • access to your email or mobile phone
  • your NHS number
Where can I find my NHS number?

An NHS number is a 10 digit number, like 485 777 3456.

You can find your NHS number on any document sent to you by the NHS. This may include:

  • prescriptions
  • test results
  • hospital referral letters
  • appointment letters
  • your NHS medical card

Ask your GP practice for help if you can't find your NHS number.


Other ways to manage your choice

If you are unable to use our online service or wish to set a choice on behalf of someone else, see other ways to manage your choice.