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When your choice about sharing data from your health records does not apply

If you choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning, your data might still be used in some situations.

When required by law

If there's a legal requirement to provide it, such as a court order.

When you have given consent

If you have given your consent, such as for a medical research study.

When there is an overriding public interest

In an emergency or in a situation when the safety of others is most important. For example, to help manage contagious diseases like coronavirus and stop them spreading.

When information that can identify you is removed

Information about your health care or treatment might still be used in research and planning if the information that can identify you is removed first.

When there is a specific exclusion

Your confidential patient information can still be used in a small number of situations. For example, for official national statistics like a population census.

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Page last reviewed: 10 July 2019
Next review due: 10 July 2022