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A guide to ordering repeat prescriptions online by using apps and websites

Most prescriptions are now electronic, which means you do not have to go into your GP surgery to get a repeat prescription.

You can order your medicine online and get it delivered to you or collect it from a pharmacy.

You can do this in 3 simple steps.

1. Register with an online prescription service

There are lots of apps and websites you can use to order repeat prescriptions. Some may also let you see your medical record and book GP appointments.

You can:

  • use one of the online health services that are available at your GP surgery – check your GP surgery website to see which services you can use
  • search online for pharmacies that have an online repeat prescription service

When you've chosen a service to use, you'll need to register to create an account.

2. Order your prescription

Once you've created an account, order your prescription using the website or app.

If your prescription needs to be approved, the request will be sent to your GP surgery.

The GP may need to talk to you before they approve it.

Your GP might approve a series of repeat prescription refills for you at the same time. They are sent to the pharmacy automatically, so you do not need to order them each time. This is called electronic repeat dispensing.

3. Choose how to collect your prescription

You have a choice of different ways to collect your prescription.

You may be able to:

  • get your medicine sent to a specific pharmacy (nominated pharmacy) – they may let you know when it's ready to collect, or you can call them
  • go to any pharmacy to collect your medicine – you may get a paper copy of your prescription to bring with you, or the pharmacy may be able to find your prescription using your NHS number
  • get your medicine delivered to you

Coronavirus update

Do not go to a pharmacy if:

  • you have symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • you live with someone who has symptoms
  • you're at high risk from coronavirus

Get your medicines delivered or ask someone to collect them.

If you're picking up medicines for someone else, leave them outside their door but make sure you see them collect them.

Page last reviewed: 23 April 2020
Next review due: 23 April 2023