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How to find local mental health services

You have a choice of who to contact in your area to learn more about the help you can get.

You might want to contact more than one of these places to find out about all the services that are available.

Your GP surgery

Your doctor can help you work out what kind of support you need and introduce you to the right mental health service. This is known as a GP referral.

Find your nearest NHS GP

Local councils

Some mental health services are provided by local authorities such as your council. This could include services like helplines, crisis support and therapy.

Find your local council (GOV.UK)

Your local pharmacy

Pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals and can provide advice on medicines, including those used to treat mental health conditions. Some pharmacists can also offer information on local mental health services.

Find your nearest pharmacy

24-hour NHS urgent mental health helplines

Local NHS urgent mental health helplines are for people of all ages in England. You can call at any time of day for advice from a mental health professional for you, your child or someone you care for.

Find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline

Therapy and counselling from the NHS

NHS talking therapies services are for people in England aged 18 or over. You can find out about the talking therapies service in your area and get in touch with them without speaking to your GP.

Find an NHS talking therapies service

If you need help now, and you're not sure what to do

If you think it's an emergency

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