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Ordering a prescription

Missing repeat prescription history

You may not see a repeat prescription listed if:

  • it was issued more than 6 months ago
  • it was prescribed at a hospital or other secondary care centre
  • it was issued at a time when you lived outside of England
  • your GP surgery does not currently offer repeat prescriptions online
Unable to order prescription items

You may not be able to order some prescription items if:

  • you need a medicine review
  • it’s too early to order your medicine
  • it’s an acute (short-term) or one-off prescription
  • it has already been requested
  • you have a repeat dispensing prescription

You can contact your GP surgery to book a medicine review or to find out when you can next order your prescription.

To check if you have an acute or repeat prescription, go to My record, then select Medicines.

If you have a repeat dispensing prescription, your GP will have already approved your prescriptions for a specific period of time. You do not need to request the prescription again.

Tracking your repeat prescriptions

You can see when your repeat prescription order is:

  • waiting for GP approval or undetermined
  • approved by your GP or issued
  • rejected or refused

Contact your nominated pharmacy or GP surgery to check if your prescription is ready for collection.

Collecting your medicine

You can contact your GP surgery or nominated pharmacy to find out when your medicine will be ready.

If you have a nominated pharmacy, you can collect your medicine from there. If not, collect the prescription from your GP surgery.

Your pharmacy might ask to check your ID. We recommend that you bring photo ID when you collect your medicine.

Unknown medicine showing on repeat prescription

If you have a nominated pharmacy, contact them. They can tell you the different names for the medicine.

If not, or you are still not sure it is the right medicine, contact your GP surgery.

Requesting urgent medicine

If you have already ordered a repeat prescription and the status is "Waiting for GP approval" or "Undetermined", contact your GP surgery for more information.

If the status is "Order approved by GP", contact your nominated pharmacy or GP surgery to find out when the medicine will be ready for collection.

If you are unable to contact your GP surgery or your nominated pharmacy, you can go to or call 111 to request an emergency supply of your medicine.

More information about your medicine

You can find out more information on Medicines A to Z. If this does not answer your question, contact your nominated pharmacy or GP surgery.

Page last reviewed: 14 October 2022
Next review due: 14 April 2024