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Security and privacy

Your personal information is used to confirm your identity and set up your NHS login. This is done in line with data protection laws. Your information will not be shared without your consent. It is stored securely, in a way that follows the NHS login privacy notice.

NHS login has been designed to keep your personal information secure. It has been independently tested against standards set by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).


You can choose whether to allow optional analytic cookies. To change your preference:

  1. Go to Account and then Settings.
  2. Select Legal and cookies.
  3. Then select Manage cookies.
  4. Turn on or off the Allow optional analytic cookies toggle.

When you change your preference, it applies to all the devices on which you use your NHS account.

For more information, see our cookies policy.

Page last reviewed: 6 December 2023
Next review due: 6 June 2025