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Can I get a fit note without seeing a healthcare professional?

A fit note must be issued by a healthcare professional, which could be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physiotherapist or occupational therapist. You do not always need to see them in person to get one.

It depends on:

  • why you're off work sick
  • whether a healthcare professional needs to assess you face to face
  • if you have been in hospital

"Fit note" is the informal name for a Statement of Fitness for Work, also known as medical statements (MED3).

Find out more about when you need a fit note

Medical appointments and telephone consultations

If you need a fit note, contact the healthcare professional treating you. They will tell you whether you should make an appointment to see them or book a phone consultation.

A healthcare professional can give you a fit note on the day they assess you or at any time after the assessment.

Hospital treatment

If you have been in hospital, a hospital doctor can give you a fit note, as well as a certificate to confirm that you have been an inpatient.

What if I've already seen another healthcare professional?

You can get a fit note from a doctor, nurse, occupational therapist, pharmacist or physiotherapist.

The healthcare professional treating you can also issue a fit note based on a written report from another healthcare professional. For example:

  • a hospital discharge summary or hospital letter
  • notes from a previous consultation with a healthcare professional

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