NHS Strength and flexibility: warm up 

The NHS Strength and flexibility podcast series helps you get fit without the expense of a gym or fitness trainer. Featuring Laura from the NHS Couch to 5K programme, these podcasts talk you through a series of equipment-free exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. In the videos accompanying the podcast series each exercise is demonstrated. In this clip, Laura shows you how to warm up

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Transcript of NHS Strength and flexibility: warm up



Lift your shoulders up to your ears and roll them backwards, all the way down,

and then back up to your ears in a circular motion.


Push your hands out in front of you at shoulder height, as far as you can.

Then draw them back in, with your elbows pointing out at shoulder height.


Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height.

To start the move, bend your arms, tucking your elbows in this time,

drawing your hands to the sides of your chest.

Then extend them in front of you again.


Stand tall, with your feet hip-width apart,

toes pointing forwards, arms down by your sides.

To start the move, bend your knees,

lowering yourself no more than four inches.

As you bend your knees, keep your back straight

and don't stick your bottom out.

Avoid leaning forwards and keep your heels on the ground.

Keep your knees apart, but don't let them point in or out.

Then come back up.


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