Women's health 40-60

Exercises for strong bones

Find out which are the best exercises for building and maintaining strong bones.

Top diets review

Find a weight loss plan to suit you with our review of the most popular diets.

Should you cut out bread to stop bloating?

Is bread triggering bloating and other digestive symptoms? Find out how to combat wheat sensitivity.

Are you at risk of breaking a bone?

Work out if you're at risk of osteoporosis and breaking a bone in the next 10 years.

Beat the bloat

Tips for getting rid of bloating, including cutting out "windy" foods and fizzy drinks and taking regular exercise.

Self-help tips to fight tiredness

Many cases of unexplained tiredness are due to lifestyle factors. Use these self-help tips to restore your energy.

'I started bleeding after the menopause'

Gabrielle describes how early diagnosis and treatment of womb (endometrial) cancer saved her life.

How a well-fitted sports bra can reduce breast pain

Find out how a correctly fitted sports bra can help reduce breast pain, which affects one in three women.

Breast cancer awareness

Not all breast changes mean you have breast cancer, but it's important to know what symptoms to be aware of.

Breast changes in older women

How your breasts change after the menopause, including abnormal breast lumps, sagging and shrinkage.

Screening for breast cancer

Breast screening aims to find breast cancers early. Find out when it is offered and what happens when you go for screening.

Hormone headaches

Hormone headaches affect more than 5 million women a month. Practical advice on how to prevent them.

'I had breast cancer and then cervical cancer'

Juanita explains the impact of cancer on her life, and how her charity work brings her happiness.

Sex after the menopause

When the menopause hits, so can sexual problems. But don't despair, there is a range of solutions available.

Sex after hysterectomy

How a hysterectomy might affect your sex life, physically and emotionally. Includes menopause and sex.

Vicky Joseph

'My search for a back pain cure'

Vicky Joseph spent years searching for a cure for back pain. Find out what finally helped her.

The top five causes of premature death

Reduce your risk of early death from one of the five big killers: cancer; heart disease; stroke; lung or liver disease.

Hair dye allergy

How to use hair dye safely and what to do if you have a reaction.

'Going dry for a month boosted my health'

Joanna gave up alcohol for a month for Dry January and soon noticed unexpected benefits.

10 tips to beat insomnia

Following these simple lifestyle changes can greatly improve your quality of sleep.

How to treat everyday ailments at home

Get practical advice to deal with the 10 most common minor health conditions at home.

What should I do if my child has an eating disorder?

Get advice on how to cope if your child has an eating disorder, including what to expect and dealing with mealtimes.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you

Call your GP today

If you notice blood in your pee, even if it’s ‘just the once’, tell your doctor. Call your GP today

Your NHS Health Check

Millions of people have already had their free "midlife MOT". Find out why this health check-up is so important

BEAT ovarian cancer symptom checker

Ovarian cancer symptom checker

Take the BEAT test to check for signs of ovarian cancer