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The Miller Practice


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  1. Review titled Fantastic service

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 03 September 2021

    I have been a patient at this practice for many years Just been guided through the procedures for online registration by a member of the reception team who are invariably helpful supportive and put patients first.

    Visited September 2021

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  2. Review titled Glad to be leaving....

    Rated 1 stars out of 5

    by ADHD medication woes - Posted on 22 March 2021

    ...this awful practice. The doctors and nurses are lovely but this is marred by poor reception staff. Over the last four years the administration staff have found multiple ways to fail at performing basic tasks, such as telephoning me, passing on requests to doctors and even making decisions regarding my care. This leaves me without essential daily medication. My medication is a controlled drug and I understand this does come with difficulties such as limits on prescribing amounts. However if I was going away and would be running out while I was away I would often request my prescription a week in advance from my departure. I would always state this on the request. On more than one occasion this request would not be filled because it was too soon after my previous, and based on the judgement of the reception staff, it would not be passed on to my doctor. It is deeply concerning that reception staff are making decisions regarding my care and medication. Not only was this frustrating, I have had to delay trips away while I wait for the prescription to be filled. I would not be contacted about my request being rejected, instead I would have to call the practice. There have also been countless times where my request has simply been missed, both before and after they implemented the patient access system. There have also been times where the doctor required my blood pressure before being able to issue the medication. I was often not informed of this, and again would have to find out for myself. I often dreaded requesting this medication, and have spent countless times on the phone trying to sort it out. Each time I call, I clarify that I require this medication daily, and it is essential, but the reception staff often don't seem to care or understand. It is so disappointing that even after 4 years at the practice they haven't got this right. Finally I appreciate they may have a strict catchment policy, but when changing my address, I was not told that I would no longer be registered as a patient. Instead I get a letter several days later informing me I need to find a new practice. This potential gap in healthcare provision is extremely concerning as I could be left without treatment.

    Visited March 2021

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    Review titled The Miller Practice

    Replied on 30 March 2021

    Thank you for your comment. We appreciate receiving feedback - both good and bad. If you would like to contact the surgery directly I can look into your notes and ensure that we followed the correct protocol regarding informing patients who no longer reside within the surgery's catchment area. Rebecca Wood, Practice Manager

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  3. Review titled Flu Clinic

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Jayne - Posted on 06 October 2020

    I took my 2 year old to the flu clinic today and it was brilliant! No queue, the nurse administering the nasal vaccine was so lovely, perfect set-up, and it was so quick. This was my daughter’s first time getting the flu vaccine and all my nerves were immediately gone. Truly, it could not have gone better.

    Visited October 2020

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  4. Review titled Efficient, caring and all-round winderful

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 07 August 2020

    I was very unhappy indeed with my previous surgery - impersonal, impossible to get an appointment and I avoided going there. After way too many years of substandard care I finally took the leap and moved here and my sole regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. They are absolutely wonderful from the friendly, helpful and super efficient reception/practice staff to the caring and knowledgeable GPs. I’ve been seen by various GPs here and all were fantastic. Since registering I’ve been diagnosed with MS and feel incredibly supported by them as I navigate my way through this diagnosis. They really go the extra mile in everything they do. My husband - who previously would avoid going to the doctor at all even when he needed to - is as happy as I am.

    Visited August 2020

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  5. Review titled Excellent practice

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 03 July 2020

    Over the seven years that I lived in Highbury, the Miller Practice was excellent on all counts. This is the best practice that I have come across while I have been living in London. The doctors are caring, they actually do follow up when they say they will, and the reception and other staff are always friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend.

    Visited February 2020

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