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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Find information about HRT for menopause symptoms, including the types of HRT, benefits and risks and how to take it.

  • About HRT

    What HRT is and how it helps with menopause symptoms

  • Types of HRT

    Types of hormone, ways of taking HRT including tablets, patches and gel, and deciding which type is best for you

  • Benefits and risks

    Benefits of HRT including relieving menopause symptoms and preventing osteoporosis, and risks to consider

  • Side effects

    Common side effects and serious side effects of oestrogen and progestogen, and what to do

  • When to take HRT

    Advice about when to start HRT, how long to take it for, and stopping HRT

  • Alternatives

    Other medicines for menopause symptoms, lifestyle changes and herbal or complementary remedies