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The hepatitis C information line is no longer in operation. Download a hepatitis C leaflet in your language instead:


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Take care if you get a piercing back home 

If you, or a friend or family member are considering getting an ear or body piercing or a tattoo back home, make sure you check:

  • That the premises and the piercer/tattooist are clean
  • That sterile instruments and jewellery are used on each customer

The tattooist/piercer should discuss with you:

  • The type of piercing/tattoo you’d like and any possible risks
  • Any health conditions you may have and, if necessary, tell you to talk to a doctor
  • How your piercing/tattoo should be looked after until it heals

Remember, don’t go ahead with anything if you are unsure.

For more information on travelling safely, see our Travel safe leaflet (PDF, 99KB)

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