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The hepatitis C information line is no longer in operation. Download a hepatitis C leaflet in your language instead:


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Workplace tips 

You do not have to tell your employer if you have hepatitis C. But if it physically affects the way you perform at work, your employer may have legal obligations towards you under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Disability Discrimination Act

If you're covered by this act, your employer is obliged to give you permission to be absent during working hours for rehabilitation, assessment or treatment, or to alter your working hours.

Sick-leave allowances

You may be entitled to statutory sick pay to cover any medical appointments or sickness absences.
Details of the latest statutory sick pay entitlements and other advice are available on the Department for Work and Pensions website

For more information on sick leave allowances visit The Hepatitis C Trust


For confidential advice about any benefits you maybe entitled to and how to claim them, contact the Benefit Enquiry Line on 0800 882 200.

For more information on benefits visit The Hepatitis C Trust

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