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Financial support 

Improved financial support has recently been announced for those who acquired hepatitis C infection from NHS-supplied blood or blood products before safety measures were in place. The families of patients who died before 29 August 2003 may also now be eligible, as may be others connected with them.

Read more information about financial support arrangements on the DH website.

The Skipton Fund

The Skipton Fund is a UK-wide ex gratia payment scheme established on 25 March 2004 to make payments to certain people who were infected with hepatitis C through treatment with NHS blood or blood products prior to September 1991 and others eligible for payment in accordance with the scheme's provisions.

Read more on the Skipton Fund website.

The Caxton Foundation

People who have received payments from the Skipton Fund may also be eligible to receive additional discretionary payments from the Caxton Foundation, if they are in financial need as a result of their infection.

Claimants will also need to be able to demonstrate that the help they are seeking is genuinely necessary and cannot be financed from their own resources. Those who think they may be eligible to receive assistance from the Caxton Foundation should register using the website. The foundation will begin to initiate payments from November 2011.

More details about the Caxton Foundation and how to register.

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