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Symptoms and getting diagnosed

Non-urgent advice: See a GP if:

you have symptoms of type 1 diabetes, including:

  • feeling very thirsty
  • peeing more than usual, particularly at night
  • feeling very tired
  • losing weight without trying
  • thrush that keeps coming back
  • blurred vision
  • cuts and grazes that are not healing
  • fruity-smelling breath

Type 1 diabetes symptoms can come on quickly, particularly in children.

Getting tested for type 1 diabetes

Your GP will do a urine test and might check your blood glucose (sugar) level.

If they think you might have diabetes, they'll advise you to go to hospital straight away for an assessment.

You'll stay in hospital until you get the blood test results. This is usually the same day.

If you're diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a diabetes nurse will show you the things you need to do to start managing it, such as testing your own blood glucose and how to inject insulin.

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