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Prevention - Tennis elbow

Preventing tennis elbow can be difficult.

Not putting a strain on the muscles in your forearm will help you to avoid the condition or stop your symptoms from getting worse.

Self-care advice

The measures you can take that may stop tennis elbow from developing or coming back include to:

  • stop the activity that is causing pain, or find another way of doing it that does not cause pain or stress
  • avoid using your wrist and elbow more than the rest of your arm. It may also help to spread the load to the larger muscles of your shoulder
  • get coaching advice to help you change or improve your technique if you play a sport that involves repetitive movements, such as tennis or squash
  • warm up properly and gently stretch your arm muscles before playing a sport that involves repetitive arm movements
  • use lightweight tools or racquets and make their grip size bigger, to avoid putting extra strain on your tendons
  • wear a tennis elbow splint when you're using your arm (not while resting or sleeping) to stop further damage to your tendons. Ask a GP or physiotherapist for advice about the best type of brace or splint to use
  • increase the strength of your forearm muscles (a physiotherapist can advise you about exercises to build up your forearm muscles)

Page last reviewed: 10 November 2020
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