Georgia's story

Georgia Bennett, from Catford, had surgery to correct a squint. Both Georgia and her father, Daniel, were delighted with the results.

"We first noticed there was something wrong with Georgia's eyes soon after she was born. Her right eye seemed to be drifting outwards.

"Initially, we thought it was something that would correct itself, so we decided to wait and see. But by the time she was six, there didn't seem to be much improvement. Her right eye was still drifting. She also kept walking into things, so we realised her vision was obviously bothering her.

"We took Georgia to the GP, who then referred us to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. They gave her lots of tests, before prescribing a pair of glasses to see if they would help.

"They didn't make much difference and we were told that surgery was probably the only thing that would help Georgia. We thought about it a lot because of the risks involved, but decided to go ahead. And we're so pleased we did!

"The difference to Georgia's eyes since surgery is amazing. You really wouldn't know that she had had anything done. Her eyes were a bit red and sticky straight after the operation, but that soon passed and now they look completely normal.

"Best of all, Georgia's eyes are now working together as a pair and, although she still has to wear glasses, her vision is much improved. We're hoping she may eventually give up wearing glasses completely."

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