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Advice for people at high risk from coronavirus (COVID-19)

People at high risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) are advised to follow the same guidance as everyone else. This means you are no longer advised to stay at home (shield).

But there are still things that can help keep you safe.


  • get vaccinated against COVID-19 – everyone aged 12 and over can book vaccination appointments now

  • wait for at least 14 days after you've had your 2nd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before meeting with people

  • meet people outside if possible

  • open doors and windows to let in fresh air if meeting people inside

  • ask friends and family to take a rapid lateral flow test before visiting you

  • limit the number of people you meet and avoid crowded places

  • wear a face covering in shops, on public transport and when it's hard to stay away from other people (particularly indoors or in crowded places)

  • wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day

Page last reviewed: 28 April 2022
Next review due: 28 October 2022