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Mr Taylor gave Lloydspharmacy a rating of 1 stars

Arrived after a head injury - shocking service

Recently I arrived at the pharmacy after having an accident on the way to the high street.

Working as a health professional for the NHS and understanding that it is no common place for people to attend trained and competent pharmacies that are based in the community for simple minor injuries and illnesses rather then busy Emergency Departments

However this was not the case here.

I was initially ignored had to wait some time and then was just gawped / stared at by the Pharmacist (as I had blood running down my head) and told that they could do nothing apart from sell me something. When I asked if they had a first aid box she shrugged and repeated she had nothing apart from dressing she could sell.

It seems strange to me that in a Pharmacy with a consulting room selling normal items they would not be able to administer simple first aid or even give advice what to do.

Suffice to say I left with nothing (not even a tissue to stem the bleeding) and went home and got a neighbour to help (who was a trained ED Nurse) who sorted me out in a matter of minutes, and seem surprised that I was treated like this.

Some days later I went back (sadly it's my local one!) to get some medication - decongestant and some painkillers - I was deal by a friendly member of staff (though again had to wait a good 5 minutes to get noticed),

The pharmacist with another staff member appeared initially to deal with another customer - then abruptly turned round to me to say – ‘I know you - you keep coming here, I will allow you to by this medication this time but you now need to go to the GP’ and look was not one that wanting a reply.

I was so stunned - she hadn't even bother to ask why I was buying the medication - or asked me ‘how I was’ (having a dressing on my forehead!) or even possibly try and take me into her ‘office / private consultation room’ to chat about this quite public statement.

As there are a number of pharmacies in the area I will now just not go back here - it is very sad that this so called professional seemed to not care about privacy, dignity, customer service or even my own thoughts or feelings. The look of shock on the 2 counter staff said it all - and I felt so ashamed and treaded in a childish and dis-respectful manner I could not wait so I paid and left.

I now recommend to anyone to totally would avoid this pharmacy - the only saving grace is the normal counter staff try to be helpful - especially one - however I feel that PHARMACIST needs some training in customer service, how to talk to people.

Having worked in frontline healthcare since 2001 – full time from 2003 I have never ever felt this way.

I have never felt the need to share with others – but if the pharmacist is not able to even have a civil professional conversation – how would she deal with other more challenging situations?

Visited in January 2019. Posted on 17 January 2019

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Lloydspharmacy replied on 04 February 2019

Hi Mr Taylor

Thanks for taking the time to post your review and I apologise for the delay in our response.

I'm sorry to read about the recent experience you've had when visiting our pharmacy. I can assure you this isn't the level of service we expect for our customers, especially after having an accident before your visit and I do apologise for this.

I will ensure this is recorded and shared with the Area Manager, who will take the necessary action. Your feedback is very important to us as this helps us to identify which areas we need to focus on.

I apologise again for the experience you've had.


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Anonymous gave Lloydspharmacy a rating of 1 stars

Shocking service or rather no service

I booked a Diabetes test online with lloyds keynsham branch. The time slot given was 1pm-4pm. It said they will call you to confirm the time. After no phone call from them i rang only to be told they have no record of my booking and dont do testing in the afternoons as they had no staff. I then made a telephone appointment with Lloyds pharmacy Air Balloon branch for Saturday morning at 9pm. When i rang them the day before to check everything was ok they again said nothing was booked and had no knowledge. Absolutely shocking service (or lack of it) from both branches.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 26 January 2018

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Lloydspharmacy replied on 26 January 2018

Hi, I am very concerned to read of your issues with the pharmacy and would like the opportunity to investigate and address the concerns you have raised. In order for me to do so, please can you contact us directly on 0345 600 3565 opt 2 to discuss further.
Kind Regards LloydsPharmacy Customer Care Team

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