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  • Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire 2017/18
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Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire 2017/18

Every year we undertake an annual patient survey to enable our patients to provide valuable feedback on the services that we provide.The survey,undertaken by all community pharmacies in England,is called the Community Pharmacy Patient Questinnaire.The report of our survey results allows us to identify the areas where we are performing most strongly,the areas for improvement and the actions required to address issues raisedby respondents.Our results for 2017/18 are provided here.



Associated document

Patient Patient Questionnaire (.pdf, 165.53 KB)

Last updated on 26 March 2018.

Analysis Report 2020

Q1Why did you visit this pharmacy today?

Prescription for self  49%

Prescriiption for both 12%

Prescription for someone else 31%




Other reason  8%

Q2 If you collected a presciption today,were you able to collect it straight away,did tou have to wait in the pharmacy or did you come back later to collect it?

Straight away  19%

Waited in pharmacy 48%   

Came back later 23%

No response 9%

Q3 How satisfied were you with the time it took to provide your prescription and /or any other NHS service you required?  

 Not at all satisfied 0%

Not very satisfied 0%

Fairly satisfied 16%  

 Very satisfied 82%

 No response 2%

 Q4 Thinking about any previous visits as well as today's, how would you rate the pharmacy on the following factors?

 Q4a)The cleanliness of the pharmacy

 Very poor 0%

 Fairly poor 0%  

 Fairly good 4%

 Very Good 94%

 No response 2%

Q4b)The comfort and convenience of the waiting area

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 3%

Fairly good 34%

Very good 42%

No response 21%

Q4c)Having in stock the medicines/appliances

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 6%

Very good 88%

no reponse 5%

Q4d)Offering a clear and well organised layout

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 8%

Very good 865

No response 6%

Q4e)How long you have to wait to be served

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 29%

Very good 71%

No reponse 1%

Q4f)Having somewhere available where you could speak without being overhead

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 11%

Very good 55%

No reponse 35%

Summaryof postive comments

a)cleanliness 98%

b)waiting areas 76%

c)stock levels 95%

d)organised layout 94%

e)waiting times 99%

f)soundproof facilities 65%

Average Question 4 score is


Q5 Including any previous visits to this pharmacy how would you rate the pharmacist and othe staff?

Summary of positive comments 

a)Being polite and taking time 99%

b)Answering patient queries 85%

c)Service received by pharmacist 96%

d)Service provided by staff 100%

e)providing an efficient service 100%

f)the staff overall 100%

Average Question 5 score is 96.6%

Q6 Thinking about the times you have used thgis pharmacy,how well do you think it provided the following services?

Q6a)Providing advice on current health problems or longer term health condition.

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 4%

Very good 45%

No response 51%

Q6b)Providing general advice on leading a more healthy lifestyle

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 2.9%

Very good 28%

No response 69%

Q6C)Disposing of medicines no longer used

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Very good 48%

No respone 50%

Q6d)Providing advice on health services or information available elsewhere

Very poor 0%

Fairly poor 0%

Fairly good 4%

Very good 27%

Don't know 0%

No response 70%

Question 6 Summary of positive comments (Fairly good and above)

a)Advice on health condition 49%

b)Advice on lifestyle 31%

c)Medicine disposal 50%

Providing advice on other information sources 30%

Average Question 6 score is


Q7)Have you ecer been given advice about any of the following by the pharmacist or pharmacy staff?

yes 10%

no 88%

no response 2%

b)Healthy living

Yes 4%

no 94%

no response 3%

c)Physical exercise

yes 4%

no 93%

no response 3%

Question 7 Summary

Stopping smoking yes 10% NO 88%

Healthy eating  4% No 94%

Exercise 5% No 93%

Which of the following best describes how you use this pharmacy?

This is the pharmacy that you choose to visit if possible 95%

This is one of several pharmacies you use when you need to 4%

This pharmacy was just convenient for you to-day 1%

Q9)Finally taking everything into account the staff the dhop and the service provided how would you rate the pharmacy where you received the questionnaire?

Poor  0%

Fair 0%

Good 1%

Very good 48%

Excellent 53%

Q13)Which of the following best applies to you;

Have or care for children under 16 23%

Are a carer for someone with longstanding illness 10%

Neither 60%

No response 7%




































Last updated on 04 May 2020.

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