Tiredness and fatigue

Why am I tired all the time?

One in five of us feels unusually tired at any one time. Find out the common causes of fatigue.

Why lack of sleep is bad for your health

Sleep deprivation can raise your risk of diabetes, weight gain, depression and more.

10 medical reasons for feeling tired

Many health conditions can cause fatigue, including restless legs, diabetes and anaemia.

Self-help tips to fight tiredness

Many cases of unexplained tiredness are due to lifestyle factors. Use these self-help tips to restore your energy.

Common energy stealers

Not sure what's causing your fatigue? Some surprising energy sappers may be to blame.

The energy diet

Tips on what to eat (and drink) if you want to banish tiredness and feel full of energy.

10 tips to beat insomnia

Following these simple lifestyle changes can greatly improve your quality of sleep.

5 ways to wipe out winter tiredness

Feel sleepy when the days are shorter? You're not alone. Try these 5 ways to banish winter weariness.

Sleep problems in young children

How to deal with sleep problems in young children, including frequent waking and nightmares.

Tiredness in pregnancy

Find out about sleeplessness and feeling tired in pregnancy, plus remedies including relaxation techniques, different sleep positions, and cutting down on caffeine.

Why are teens always tired?

You might think teenagers sleep their lives away, but the opposite is true.

Sleep problems and trouble sleeping

If you have a hard time falling asleep, a regular bedtime ritual will help you wind down and prepare for sleep. Find out how to fall asleep.

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