Vaccines and your child's immune system 

Scientific studies have shown that vaccines do not overload a child's immune system. Watch this short animation to find out why.

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Transcript of Vaccines and your child's immune system

As soon as babies are born they come into contactwith a huge number of different bacteriaand viruses every day and by the first week of life, the child's skin, nose, throatand intestines are covered with tens of thousands ofdifferent bacteria. The baby's immune systemcopes very well with thousands and thousandsof bacteria and viruses. The bacteria and virusescontained in vaccines are weakened or killed. Vaccines help a child'simmune system fight diseases when they comeinto contact with them. The vaccines that a baby hasin the first year of life are a tiny number compared tothe thousands of wild bacteria and viruses it will meetat the same time. Scientific study has shownthat the vaccines we use do not weaken a child's system. If a child was given 11 vaccinesat one time, it would only use a thousandth,0.1%, of the immune system.


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