Protect your family from secondhand smoke

More than 80% of secondhand smoke is invisible and odourless, so no matter how careful you think you're being, your family still breathes in harmful poisons, putting them at risk of meningitis, cancer, bronchitis and pneumonia.

That’s why the law has changed. It is illegal to smoke in vehicles with someone under 18 present; driver and passenger could be fined £50.

With our help and support you can quit smoking for good.

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What is secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smoke and your family

What if I open windows or smoke in a different room?


Pregnancy and smoking

Find out why quitting is the best thing you can do for your baby.

It's not just about the physical effects smoking has on your family

Nearly three quarters of children worry that their mum or dad will die because they smoke. Not only that, but if you smoke, your children are three times more likely to smoke when they grow up. By quitting, your children will be less likely to take up smoking.

  • Children exposed to a smoky atmosphere are more likely to suffer from breathing problems, allergies and chest infections. By not smoking, you protect the health of those close to you.

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How smoking affects your body and your health

Read about the effects smoking has on your body and find out how your body recovers once you quit.

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