Roll-ups, pipes, bidi and chewing tobacco

There are many reasons why people think that smoking roll-ups is better for you than smoking ordinary cigarettes, but this is a myth.

Similarly, tobacco that you don't smoke, including paan, betel quid and chewing tobacco, is not a 'safe' way to use tobacco. It causes cancer and can be just as addictive as smoking ordinary cigarettes. Read the facts and find out how you can quit.


How many of the reasons for smoking roll-ups are actually true and how many are myths?
Take a look for yourself and we think you'll be surprised.

"The roll-ups I smoke are more natural and pure, and contain a lot less of the 'bad' stuff you find in ordinary cigarettes."

"But I only smoke roll-ups because they're more 'organic' than ordinary cigarettes and come from a different source."

"Surely smoking roll-ups is far less addictive for me than manufactured cigarettes?"

"But I smoke roll-ups because they're healthier than manufactured cigarettes."

"Yeah, but smoking roll-ups will make it easier to give up."

"Ok, well rolling my own allows me to control the amount of tobacco I smoke."

People who use NHS support are up to four times more likely to quit smoking than those who try to stop alone. All areas have a free local NHS Stop Smoking Service that can provide medication and support to help you quit. Many services also offer support to help you stop using smokeless tobacco, such as paan.

Find your local NHS Stop Smoking Service, or call the NHS Smoking Helpline on 0300 123 1044.


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